Book — Forming the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

The Forming of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in 1847 chronicles the struggles of Confessional Lutherans who left Germany and endured hardships in America rather than compromise doctrinal purity. To better understand why they undertook these challenges, we must first understand how the political, philosophical and economic events had altered the religious landscape in Germany and made it difficult to preserve Lutheran doctrine and practices. We then trace the emigration of the Saxons and other groups to America and witness their struggles that finally led to defining their identity and organizing a church body that integrates Christian freedom with the Lutheran Confessions. We conclude by comparing how the doctrine of the LCMS is distinct from other Christian denominations.

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The Reform Movement

Intellectual and Social Factors

Economic Climate

Political Landscape


Lutherans in Saxony

Growing Dissent



Life in America


Creating a Synod

Clergy vs. Laymen

Key Lutheran Leaders

Coming Together

Distinctions with other Christian Denominations

Doctrinal Importance

The Historic Importance of Doctrine

The Importance of Doctrine Today

God Provides