Information & Library


To meet the needs of your congregation, we offer our programs in a variety of options. We provide presentation materials, such as PowerPoint, and resources to host a circuit convocation, Saturday seminar, or multi-week Bible class. For the historical series we also provide a book covering that topic.


  • Circuit Convocations3-hour session with extensive input from circuit pastors. Contact us for help in organizing a circuit convocation.

  • Saturday Seminar - most Saturday seminars consist of four 90-minute segments that begin mid-morning and conclude mid-afternoon. Seminar materials are designed for the local church to independently conduct the seminar. We provide the PowerPoint; the host congregation provides the leader. For the historical series, a book covering the topic is also available.

  • Multi-week Bible Class - Same material as Saturday seminar, extended over several weeks.  

  • Books and Pamphlets - Each book in the historical series has been developed to be readily understood by the average person in the pew without compromising on the substance of the material. Each book is color illustrated and runs about 50-60 pages. Pamphlets are short papers that can be downloaded.

  • Provided by LCMS: Book of Concord on line.


Each of our Resources has been developed by a team of Lutheran pastors and educators and has been designed specifically for the laity.