The Book of Concord FAQ

What is the Book of Concord
 is a FAQ produced by the Rev. Paul T. McCain that we’ve made available to help the laity in your church become more interested in this foundational document of the Lutheran Church.

Click here to download the FAQ. Download or right-click and select “Save As” to save it to your computer for later printing. It is formatted to print as a two-sided, folded 8.5×11 in. sheet.

This pamphlet includes:

What is the Book of Concord?

The Book of Concord is a book published in 1580 that contains the Lutheran Confessions.

What are the Lutheran Confessions?

The Lutheran Confessions are ten statements of faith that Lutherans use as official explanations and summaries of what they believe, teach, and confess. They remain to this day the definitive standard of what Lutheranism is.

What does Concord mean?

Concord means “harmony.” The word is derived from two Latin words and is translated literally as “with one heart.

What does Confession mean?

When used in this context, confession means “to say what you believe.” The Lutheran Confessions are statements of faith that Lutherans use to say to the world, “This is what we believe, teach and confess.”