Book — the Reformation and Confessions

While most Lutherans are familiar with the events of the Reformation, a deeper understanding is provided into the theological substance of the Reformation, and how political, economic, and social factors played a role in its defense. The material addresses the person of Martin Luther and how his personal struggle emerged as a public matter and became a powerful historic event. The Lutheran legacy contained in its Confessions is summarized and presented in a style directed to the laity.

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Sixteenth Century Europe

The Rise of Humanism

Growing Secular Independence

Political Challenges

The Medieval Church

The Stage for the Reformation


John Wycliffe

Jan Hus

Girolamo Savonarola

Martin Luther

Call for Reform

Posting the Ninety-Five Theses Papal Response

The Diet of Worms

Key Aspects of Luther's Theology

Important Points of Luther's Theology

Doctrinal Integrity

Legacy of the Reformation

The Diet of Augsburg

Aftermath of the Augsburg Diet

The Lutheran Confessions



Luther’s Tower Experience