A Layman’s Guide to Christian Practices

Evangelism, Outreach and Affirmation
We believe the Holy Spirit calls, gathers, enlightens and sanctifies the Christian Church and that His people spread the Word through their vocations. To help understand our role, we first examine why Christ’s Church exists. We continue to address what we need to know to act on Evangelism, Outreach, and Affirmation. We conclude by putting our skills to work.

Faith and Good Works: The Doctrine of Vocation
We have been placed in this world for a purpose. Beginning with the family, and extending to society and the church, God has instituted offices through which we do His work. Understanding our vocations in family, society, and church is critical to understanding how we are to live in this world doing God’s will. Specific topics address Faith and Good Works in each of these vocational settings.

Worship and Divine Service
This seminar is designed to show the continuity of worship from Genesis to the present. It addresses the history of worship beginning in the period of the Old Testament and the transition in styles evident in the early church. It contrasts the practices and music between the orthodox and non-denominational movement, and examines the three major impacts on worship practices: music, communion and adiaphora. (Elements of Divine Service)