About Circuit Convocations

A circuit convocation is a one-day gathering for all the congregations of a circuit, designed to strengthen the circuit and congregations. One of the key features of a CLCC convocation is the circuit team with lay representatives from each congregation. Thus every congregation has a voice in what is presented at the convocation and the incentive to encourage its members to attend the convocation. The CLCC can provide free material for a circuit’s convocation, or the circuit’s pastors may develop their own material. For more details about organizing a convocation, click here. To learn about the circuit team click on a position below. (Or see all the information in a pdf.)

  • Circuit Coordinator
    • The Circuit Coordinator is the point of contact with the CLCC and coordinates the work of the congregational representatives and other volunteers. This role is ideally filled by a layman who recognizes the unique opportunity this event provides. It requires the ability to organize and motivate other volunteers. For an outline of duties click here.
  • Circuit Visitor
    • Announces plans to hold a circuit convocation and seeks the support of the other circuit pastors.

    • Requests help from the circuit pastors in identifying lay people to serve on the Circuit Convocation Team.

    • Assures the pastors that hosting a convocation doesn’t mean they will have extra work, unless the team asks them to develop a presentation.

    • Contacts the circuit coordinator of his selection and provide CLCC with his contact information.

  • Participating Circuit Pastors
    • Identify and recruit a lay person within his congregation to coordinate the promotion of the seminar and provide the circuit coordinator his contact information.
    • Support the hosting of a circuit convocation and permit promotional messages as deemed appropriate.
    • If asked, be willing to be a presenter at the convocation.
  • Congregational Representative
    • The Congregational Representative, selected from each congregation within the circuit, is part of Circuit Convocation Team that
      • Determines time, location, and division of duties for circuit convocation.
      • Develops format of convocation, including selection of presenters.
    • For an outline of duties click here.
  • Host Congregation Coordinator
    • The Host Congregation Coordinator has the additional responsibility of preparing the site and related functions such as lunch and registration. It is envisioned that this coordinator would recruit individuals to chair the refreshment and lunch functions, the set-up and clean-up activities, the audio-visual equipment needs, and the registration table. For an outline of duties click here.